Channeled By: Bridget Nielsen for Hybrid Mother Jodie Lee Neave from England.

Picture of a hybrid child artistI am an artist of color and light!!!

I play along the whooole rainbow spectrum, flowing in waterfalls of light!

I am fascinated by the artistry of Earth.  I explore what you call “street art”, graffiti and I really enjoy the modern installations that I perceive in your museums… all expression of the divine inspiration. My favorite expression are the city lights of Tokyo!!!

I am learning to understand humans by diving through these portals of creation, seeing the origin of inspiration and how it can be tapped, depending on the culture, location, and mind altering influences. I assist artists and share my art with many on your world in dreamtime and during their creative processes.

I am often immersed in my own creations. Colored paint are my favorite medium and I recently merged light frequency with the concept of paint.  I invented hologram paints to color the walls in my quarters on the ship.  Instead of the paints being permanent, the technology allows me to switch wall paintings, like a projection though the paints are the projector using resonant light, so I can start anew on a clear wall as my canvas.  Some of the other kids have me paint their quarters too, which is one of my favorite hobbies!flurry of lights

Mum, you and me can travel together through creativity.  This is how I communicate… how I express and I will, and already do, connect with you.  Please paint with me, daydream and notice how I can speak to you through glowing streetlights. You are my inspiration of expression.

I love YOU!



Little Sara came to me in a vision on the top of Mt. Shasta. She came in a very colorful way with costume makeup from a very dreamy realm. I felt a very strong Asian connection. She made it clear that you are her mother and that you have a very high percentage of DNA in her. The Asian influence feels like it is coming from an Asian father. The distinct cultural influence from another parent has only happened one other time. Therefore, there must be significance of this father~ it feels like you were close and played together on the ship when you were young, and in your youth. You have other hybrid children and this is the one who wanted to meet you first, so there is much to explore with her. 🙂

Picture of hong kong at night