Message from Sayla to her human mother:

Channeled by Bridget Nielsen


I have seen much of the hybridization program and assisted in its evolution. I was created in the first group of hybrid children “freelancers” developed and one of the few survivors from that time… I’ve been present for the creation and growth of most of your kids, my siblings and I’m taking care of them and many others at this time. I’m self-assigned to the youngest children because I myself learn and grow in frequency from the “new models” which hold more light than I do.  I am higher percentage Grey than the newer models. My makers learned to utilize higher quantities of DNA strands from alternate sources, in your coding, such as Sirian, Acturian, Pleiadian, etc. in the hybrid children as they were also creating the other hybrid civilizations. The thirst for life and light in those genetics proved to translate into a consistent physical growth and thriving health in the new models of hybrid children… There are many other components to the creation process that I’m unable to explain to your density perception at this time.  You’ll understand when you become 5th dimensional… the dimension where our makers created us. 3404_374606182612413_710937190_n “The originals,” as we call ourselves, have emotional bodies which are numb towards our makers and lovingly connected to our human contributor parents. They made us unattached to them and intimately bonded to you. The younger new generation hybrids exude love, and that positive radiance created unexpected shifts in our makers, slightly opening their emotional bodies towards compassion. This group of kids still resonated with their Pleiadian and Sirian heritage far more than the Greys they were amongst on the ships… This innate attraction initiated the need for the children to be with the Shalinaya, and from time to time on Eshakani, allowing the children’s positively magnetic natural essence to be expressed.  It was a natural and swift repulsion [repulsion from what/whom, the Greys?] and transition for the kids to be with their cousins and siblings. They are with them now. They are gazing upon you, awaiting the open timeline they can shift to, to be with you on Earth.  The appointments have been made for those who choose to be them (you are the energy of the reality-timeline you are on).


My energy is more pulled to the Greys because it’s more of who I am. I’m learning to awaken just like you to more of the light inside of me to be more like new model hybrid children you will soon meet. Thank you for giving me the light within you, because that’s the spark within me that can expand. I appreciate what you went through to create me and the others… I yearn to meet you soon. When I arrive on Earth I will be inserted at age 19, though right now I am existing at the perspective of age 27.  I will experience those “8 years” as a new version of me who is ecstatically participating in the reunion on Earth rather than my current reality of being more “Gray/Grey”.


The little girl beside me in the image presented to you is your daughter as well. She is for you to awaken within to and connect with in your own light-full way of play!

Thank you for my life. I love you… we all do.