By Bridget Nielsen

This channeling experience was wonderfully unique. The woman I was connecting with her hybrid kids had another galactic visitor who wanted to meet her.  This Shakani being (formerly “Sassani,” prior to December 21st, 2012) from Bashar’s hybrid civilization wanted to connect with her (click here to learn more about the hybrid races).  At this point in the awakening process, all of our galactic cross-connecting lives (other incarnations) and our hybrid kids are really excited to meet us and welcome us to this new stage of the game!  We’re all in this transformation together and it’s important to know that we’re actively supporting and loving each other.

The civilizations of Eshakani (formerly Essassani), Sirius and Earth are a triad. We’re ascending together — Earth from 3rd to 4th Density (5th dimension — quasi-physical), Eshakani from 4th to 5th Density (non-physical) and Sirius from 5th to 6th Density. We’re experiencing this transition through the 5-year span from 2010 to 2015. Be open, now is the time to begin contact telempathically and to welcome these relationships into your life to prepare for the physical meeting.


On Eshakani this being is a teacher, assisting the hybrid “freelancers” (the hybrid kids who will land on Earth first) with acclimatization, getting them ready for the landing.  In the drawing you can see that he is presenting a little girl — the woman’s hybrid child.  He’s connected to the little girl because he works with the hybrid kids and she visits his planet quite often. She’s very connected to “trinity” energy and works with beings on Eshakani to bring that energy and those vibrations to Earth when she lands.  She has a very very high frequency and teaches the other hybrid kids what she learns on her adventures.