My Secret Life Brought to Light

Wow… There has been so much in the closet for so long, I don’t really know where to start. Even though I didn’t identify it as such at the time, my first conscious encounter happened when I was 12 years old. I also then underwent energy work at the base of my skull, and it started my life path as a light-worker. Since then, I channel light that seems to emphasize harmony and collective consciousness. The memories have been vague but always coming in steady bits, but then became a dramatic revelation in 4/2009 when I read The Threat by Dr. David Jacobs and started to piece the puzzle together. I won’t lie; I lived in shock for the first couple of weeks. Despite his cynical viewpoint, he imparted critical information I needed to know, and for that he is my hero.

Fortunately for me, I had my fond (even if sparse and vague) memories of John (a Grey from Zeta Reticuli) to help me cope. I became thrilled about the implications: my experiences were not some past life memory, or even a guardian angel. This is part of this life in a very relevant way to the here and now! I then started a telepathic long-distance relationship with him while knowing full well who and what he is, and this has been tremendously healing for both of us. I have recently been informed that we have twelve hybrid children together. Though admittedly, I have few memories of them in comparison. But, I would really like to open that part of my life and I hope they are receptive to this. There have been challenges, and long-distance relationships are hard whether you are hours, or light-years, away! Sometimes, I feel like I’m on some cosmic reality show. But, there’s no way I could back out. I’m really looking forward to sharing the rest of my life with my cosmic family, and I eagerly await their arrival! I hope I don’t have to wait another 20 years… eek!


Picture of John: