Until the wee hours of May 1, 2009, I’d always been a five-senses person – politics, baseball, movies. But that night, alone and deeply¬†asleep in an unfamiliar bed, I suddenly felt someone lying behind me. My eyes popped open. I screamed bloody murder. Two thin, rod-like, wrinkly arms were holding me, pressing against the sides of my waist. I was wide awake. They were real. Two days later, as I woke up, I saw a tiny little ET face looking down at me from far above with the most unconditional love I’d ever felt. Really, what could I do but explore further? Not long afterward, I learned about my 23 hybrid children. They have created in me a love I’d never experienced before, at least not in this lifetime. The word grateful doesn’t begin to cover how I feel. Plus -and here’s the icing – they make me laugh! All the time.

As Co-founder of Hybrid Children Community, I welcome your comments and would love to hear about your experiences. Get in touch via my website’s Contact button: contact@sharonmccormick.me. I look forward to meeting you!

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