Channeled by Bridget Nielsen

I AM the orchestrator of light. I AM the violet flame tunneling new futures. I AM Violet Light.

Flame Time~DCIM100SPORTYour dream is our [the hybrid children’s] life and that frequency is the violet highway. I tunnel to new chosen realities, timelines and dimensions aligned with all of the hybrid children in my region~ the violet channel. [She’s sharing that the hybrid kids are assigned to certain geographic locations on Earth which are locational frequencies. The kids are dominantly attuned to one of the color rays and frequencies within the light spectrum which is symbolized by specific physical locations on Earth (the chakra points and vortices). So Mount Shasta is a part of the violet realm or “violet channel” as she calls it. She’s the conductor for the “purple grouping” of hybrid children.]

switchboard-operatorI bring light/awareness to dimensional rhodes/roads for my grouping, whose entrances originate from the mountains of Canada, the NorthWest and specifically Mount Shasta. The violet land is my territory. The main dimensional “possibility center” is within the Mount Shasta volcano. The unique dimensional wormholes are created from the ormus light lines created from the lava pockets within the living mountain.

All That Is and infinite knowledge are my communication conduits.  I receive information, deliver and disperse “enlightening news,” communications and assignments telempathically through the violet crown network. I’m intimately interconnected with all of the hybrid children… we inter-PLAY together.  They share their experiences, discoveries and desired direction (reality -timeline) with me, enabling my orchestration and assimilation of all of our excitements on a imaginary switchboard to navigate the desired rhode/road for our collective.CALANbronson_junkyardsam

The hybrid kids who are a part of my regional channel~ the ones the human hybrid community is aware of~ are: The Snow-Flake Siblings, Stone and Aurora SnowGeo, Pedra and Vide have similar internal inter-dimensional roles to me in other networks. We learn and grow together in our tunneling passion!!


Play Time~ My favorite thing to explore, when I turn off the light on Earth sleep-time, is the tunnel to Lemuria from the Shasta springs!  I play there. I learn from my counterpart and we flow on waves of ecstasy soaking in the love of each other. Also, I just love fairies. They are some of my best friends… We sparkle together beamingly bright and sing sweet everythings in your ear at night.

Momma, you gave me the violet flame to light my way back to you….  Thank you. I live in the soothing place in your heart, you know what I’m talking about… the place where you held me softly when I was young… you’ll find me there. Let’s play hide-and-seek through time, worlds, golden veils and unicorn tails! I love you!