Greetings to you dear one of eternal unconditional love! My name is
Shaun Swanson, and I am a channel for some of our hybrid children.
Frequently I channel Ishuwa and his fraternal twin sister Shayla. They
are both of the Yahyel civilization. Bashar has referred to the Yahyel
as the Shalanaya, which in his language means “those who come first” to
meet us here in open peaceful contact.

The experience of channeling is wonderfully enriching for me, and it has
connected me to ongoing interactions with a variety of hybrid children
that have origins in our galaxy and beyond. I experience our hybrid
children as being playful, intelligent, compassionate, curious and fun
loving. The information they share in group channeling events and in
private channeling sessions is just one of many resources available
today that can awaken us to more of the heartfelt connections that exist
with our galactic family. I am grateful for their choice to be in our
life here on Earth in ever increasing and uplifting ways!

More information about Shaun and Ishuwa is available here: