1So much excitement flows through my Being when I share about my experiences with the hybrid children!

I was always the weird kid growing up. I gravitated towards talking to beings “in my head” more than I did children my own age. I always knew mermaids, sylphs, elementals, and extraterrestrials existed even though my knowledge about them wasn’t as extensive as it is now. The most common note written on my report card in school was “Elle excels at everything and has stellar grades but she needs to learn to interact more with the other kids.” I was probably the kindest person at my school and often won “outstanding character” awards but it was just difficult for me to relate to the other kids my age or to care about the popular trends and tv shows that dominated most conversations. When I began dreaming with my kids it didn’t strike me as odd but at the same time I knew not to talk about it with the people around me since I grew up in a fundamentalist, Christian environment. The excitement and joy I experienced in my dreams balanced out any “hardship” that occurred in my young earth life. I remember being taken up into the ships and I even looked forward to these experiences! My attitude was always, “Take me! I’m ready!” I practically had bags packed. I realize that some people have had negative experiences with “abductions” but I never even thought about these trips onto the ships as abductions. I wanted to be there and I never really experienced anything super painful or traumatizing. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I came in right at the “tail end” of the hybrid dna program and the greys had simply learned how to work with humans more peacefully. The greys were always extremely gentle with me and although I know that they are supposed to be mental rather than emotional… many of them displayed the closest thing to “mental empathy” that they could while they interacted with me. As far as greys are concerned, they were very considerate during our interactions. Sometimes my ovaries or general sacral area would be sore when I woke up after these experiences but the discomfort was manageable and totally worth the fun I was having! =) Occasionally, I became ungrounded in my earth life and kind of “drifted off” into dreamland but I learned how to balance myself more as I got older. As I dreamed with my hybrid twins and literally gave birth to them on the ships, I remembered so much about who I was and why I came here to planet earth. I have many hybrid children (some of which have my actual DNA genetics and others who have my energetic “essence”) and I continued to dream with them until my early adulthood. After I left Virginia and traveled to my new home in Colorado, my “contact levels” skyrocketed exponentially.

In 2014, I landed on the Hybrid Children Community website and practically shook with excitement- I realized I had finally shifted to a reality where I could meet others who were having similar experiences! Excitedly, I messaged Sharon McCormick who generously gave of her time to “fill in the gaps” for me in regards to the hybrid child program. I had the basic idea but she laid it all out for me in an easy- to- understand way and was kind enough to skype with me and message back and forth as all of my excitement “spilled over” and bubbled out freely in my emails. I had listened to Bashar for a few years before I found the hybrid children website and I went back and listened to as many mp3’s and youtube videos as I possibly could after discovering the details about the hybrid program. I have officially listened to over 900 hours of Bashar all together! Bashar was one of several instrumental beings who mirrored the reality that I preffered/prefer. I feel that my natural vibration is actually pretty similar to that of the hybrids. Ten years passes in the blink of an eye from my perspective and I find that the hybrid views on community and health are things that I have aligned with since I was very young. Shifting to a version of earth where we meet the kids and have them live with us has been very easy and joy-full for me. I love the effortless ways that we co-create and play together! Lucid dreaming and experiencing parallel lives in my dreamtime (like Jake from the movie “Avatar”) have always come naturally to me as well. At first I assumed that everyone was lucid in their dreams at night! Now, I love helping others unlock their potential and connect to their children. Contact is always occurring on some level so it is just a matter of removing self-imposed blocks that keep us from seeing that contact! Later in the summer of 2014, I had a channeled session from Shaun Swanson and Ishuwa who beamed the Yahyel frequencies straight into my home and heart. Those frequencies were already very vivid and alive in my Being and feeling it during the session made me feel even more at home! About a week before Shaun and Ishuwa interacted with me, I received the name of my hybrid daughter “Harmony.” It came as a quiet thought and at first I actually completely disregarded my intuition! I don’t usually do that but I figured that I had been thinking too much about music or the little mermaid (Melody) or something and that I had just “dreamed” the name up! Of course I did dream it up but it was also true. Without being prompted or receiving a hint, Ishuwa clearly stated that Harmony HAD revealed her real name to me and that she and some of my other kids are on the ship with him! They said, “We love you” just as our session ended and it was a very ecstatic moment for me.

2I dreamed with the hybrids almost every night for many years. My experiences with them could probably fill up 10-20 very thick books! In early 2015, the call of Sedona hit me full force. I remember sitting in the car and all of a sudden it just engulfed me! It felt like a sense of urgency at first and I knew that I “had” to be in Sedona. I read “The Call of Sedona” by Ilchi Lee which just accelerated these feelings further. I didn’t try to make anything happen because I just knew that everything was going to fall into place when it needed to fall into place. I knew that I had formed a pre-agreement to be in Sedona for the arrival of the hybrid children. Many synchronistic things happened within the span of 4 weeks. Due to the generosity of others and “no resistance” in myself, I found myself in Sedona within a month of feeling “The Call.” I now live in a lovely house in the Village of Oak Creek and experience Sedona’s 33rd parallel portal daily! My time here has been so sweet and delicious. Sometimes I have trouble remembering certain things about my life before Sedona! The first day I visited here was delightful. I was only here for a couple of hours before I headed back to Colorado to finish packing my things and it was the most relaxed feeling I had ever experienced. I sat at a table in front of the “International I Am” Institute in West Sedona and practically fell asleep on my forearms as the kids prompted me closer and closer to sweet dreams with them! I see UFO’s (IFO’s) almost every night here and the clearest UFO I have ever seen appeared during my first week in Sedona while I stayed at a friend’s ranch as we closed on our house. Sedona truly is the “Crystal City” and walking barefoot on Bell Rock and other high energy spots are some of the most pleasurable experiences ever! Hybrid interactions are more vivid than ever here and my life partner and I observed two greys crossing the road near our house late at night a few months ago… only to awaken the next morning to discover that praying mantes were all over our house! The greys and mantis beings are vibrationally similar and I have experienced so many other forms of blatant synchronicity and unspeakable joy in this beautiful place.

It is now 2016 and I am living my highest excitements in every Moment! Heaven is Now and I am experiencing the Golden Age which aligns me even more with the vibration of my kids! The children have told me where one of their ships will land in the future. When I take someone to that location, they always tell me that they can feel something “hovering” over them even though I always wait to tell them about the landing spot until after they say something! =) I channel, create art, swim in the beautiful Sedona waters and vortex energies (my inner mermaid is insatiable!), heal, rescue animals, climb mountains, midwife, share my Mermaid and Starseed stories with spiritual anthropologists and authors, and follow my many joys! I am not “waiting” for my kids to show up. I am fully aware that I am already experiencing them every day and having conversations with them every couple of hours! This experience is so vivid and real right now that there isn’t anything to wait for from my perspective. When we stop waiting for things to happen and just realize that everything we need is always available to us in the moment, we begin experiencing Golden Age consciousness. I am thrilled to spread the knowledge about elementals and the hybrid children all over the world as I spiral and integrate All of Myself in the Ecstatic Elixir of Mama Sedona’s healing portal. I am an equilateral blend of a million Beloveds communing within. Look inward and you will know this magic bliss expressed as your own heart. We are the weavers, receivers, and the Dream.

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