By Sigrid Karssens (The Netherlands)

Here is the story of my beautiful son Sion. His name was given to me. Now he is two years old and in dreams (that I am able to remember more or less), I am still feeding him with mother’s milk and lots of love. At that moment he is two years old and still a fragile but very smart boy. This experience took place on February 12, 2012. It changed my life and because of this encounter I decided to publish my book. For a long time I thought that this boy was my grandson, but not long ago I learned that he is really my son. I didn’t believe that at first because of my age of 49 years. But this is not the way you have to think when you are involved in the hybrid program.

Here is a chapter of my book “Celestial Grounding,” translated by Roger Bindels.

The Baby

I gain more and more control over my out-of-body experiences. During a dream I realize I can walk through walls, jump out of windows or fly away without a second thought. I literally fly out of my dream and drift around for a bit in my own expanded consciousness. There I train myself to use the power of my conscious mind to move myself around within this dimension. Sometimes tranquilly gliding along, other times I run amok with great speed. In this next dimension I don’t see much and have difficulty gaining my bearings, because I don’t know what the correct bearings are. I do not understand what I’m doing. Luckily, I am secured by the ever vigilant extraterrestrial hands as I reach out with my flailing arms for something to hold onto, for something to touch.

This time, I can feel that the hands do not hesitate, instead they are filled with enthusiasm; multiple hands grab mine and let me go again. From small, weak, alien, childlike hands, to large, strong, humanoid, firm hands, all of them want to hold me, just for a moment. I am delighted that so many are with me.

And so I am guided into another world. The hands recede. I land on a surface of dusty, fine sand and then I feel a small tender baby-foot and a baby-hand. I want to see! I have to see! When a small baby is brought into my arms, I’m slowly able to perceive more and more. With my hands I have to support its head, which is a lot larger and in particular much broader than the head of a human baby. Immediately I understand that this is the next step in the chapter ‘Touching the Head’. It is a Borendtbaby, half human, half Zeta. Its body is naked and though it’s finely built, it is not limp or ‘boneless’. Its little neck is thin, however, especially in comparison to its large hairless head. Its face is broad and lacks the typical chubby cheeks of a baby, making it look like a tiny old man. Its eyes are a bit larger and more slanted, with large irises and wide pupils. I kiss it gently; it’s so delicate compared to our own babies.

I have to cry, but hold back the tears, because my physical body lying in bed will also cry and then there is a chance that Fons will wake me. After a while I ask the child telepathically: ‘Where is your mother?’ The child looks around and then finds his mother, a Borendtwoman. She comes over to stand with me and console me. Because I am crying she carefully strokes my back with an uncertain touch. I tell her that it isn’t necessary; the tears are tears of joy. This gesture is so wonderful, so universally binding! Everyone understands the message, whether you are terrestrial or extraterrestrial! I give the child to her and speak with her. I can sense her wisdom, but oddly I also feel a sad loss, which becomes apparent in her somewhat clumsy attitude towards the baby. It’s like she is the caregiver, not the mother.

A while later I awake. Only then, in my supersensitive human body, I can truly ruminate and feel what I have experienced. Again, I am unable to prove it. People will just have to take my word for it. And if they don’t, that’s fine as well. But the woman felt like my daughter, the embryo that was taken away when I was twenty-six, and the child felt like my grandson. Her sadness was that of a mother she had missed. Her wisdom was that she did impose herself on me, when I, her mother, was with her.

It is Sunday morning. The milk boils over and the bread rolls we eat have been baked too long and are too hard. The members of my family know what is going on. Mama has been flying and did not quite land yet. I tell them of the extraterrestrial baby and how overjoyed I was with this gesture, but I do not tell them that it felt like my grandson and that I felt like I had met my own daughter. I couldn’t grasp it mentally, let alone explain it. Nevertheless, I will leave it in this text, because my inner knowledge does not have to convince me. Oh, what a large step towards loving trust has been made on this day, the 12th of February 2012, not only from my end, but from theirs as well! I can feel the abduction of the past fade away.

During the days afterward I notice the impact that this gesture has made on me. I am moved as deeply as with the two Maria apparitions in 2008. Every time, I am touched by this memory and my heart aches from the love I feel. I can feel the universal value. I understand the light-language within this message. I want to do something with this! How shall I convey this to the world?”