Sirian Counterpart Channeled and Painted by Bridget Nielsen

Picture of a being from Sirius connect with Egypt

I am your Sirian connection, looking now upon you from my world, and dimension with care and reverence. I am of the Nommos civilization, from Sirius B, who have visited your planet many times… I am partially amphibious, customary to our physical design. I young at 99 years and will live to be over 500 years.

Our star system was looked at as “the real light” spread to the Egyptian civilization and others. We were the sun of night, beaming consciousness depicted as your symbolic Gods, most purely embodied by your Goddess Isis, created as a celestial reference to us.


You are my soul and I am yours as one. Our convergence is now expanding to 3 as the stars within our hearts cosmically align in vibration, and by appointment, to deliver the wisdom of your pre-assigned agreements. Your incarnation at present, mine on Sirius and your Egyptian life (counterpart) create a triad of remembering.  The consciousness and connection through time and space generate a frequency of transformation, and awakening.  This is symbolized and generating energy through our pyramidical connection.


When we are aware of each other all information, wisdom and experienced can be shared between our pyramid of light. Create a link with your wise “sister”, her heart has received the sign that you will connect, allowing her a free outlet to initiate, download and express her consciousness with purity into you and your dimension.

Stone Statue of Isis from Egypt

Your life in Egypt:

Your Egyptian counterpart is a high priestess of top light in the mystery schools of her time. She carries the knowledge and technology from our Sirian guidance and other civilizations into the time of forgetfulness in Egypt (after the Great Pyramids were created when most connection, consciousness and technology was lost).

She carries the rare spark of illuminated consciousness, then lost from earlier times. Rames II, the Pharaoh of that age, discovered her sacred sparkle and used her to create The Temple of Rames II and re-activate the ancient pyramids for control and misused power.Giant sitting statues from Temple of Ramesses ii in Egypt

Tune into your temple, the statues, the frequency and reconenct with us, the star of light, to illuminate your transforming reality and civilization with the majesty that lives on in you, passed on to you today.

We love you with blessings and are so happy to reconvene as our conscious triad or light.

“And thus throughout the teaching of Egypt the visible light was but the shadow of the invisible Light; and in the wisdom of the ancient country the measures of Truth were the years of the Most High.” – Marshall Adams, The Book of the Master

Brilliant image of the the blue Sirius Star