Hybrid Daughter of Lily River, Channeled by Bridget Nielsen

Momma, look to the sky and gaze through my eyes. I have spoken to you many times through air. I will call you to the clouds and entertain you. Ready?! Air is the element of freedom, the breath of life that connects you to me and me to you. Breathe with me, as me.

Airbender Girl swirling blue air into the sky

I dance with finesse and move as the wind. I am an airbender, working as one with my reality, for when I float, everything swirls with me. Light qi/chi rushes through me, like a twirling twister as the medium to play in my open-eyed experience. I practice ancient Calsu (the ancient alien/ET version of Chi Gong) using physical rhythmic movements focusing the infinite energy of All That Is into the moment at hand. The practice opens portals and allows me to harness blowing wonder for my artistry and psychokinetic co-creations with nature. Calsu originated from the stars (Sirius and others), where humanity’s Chinese practices originated many moons ago, passed down from our ancestors.

I study Tai Chi and Chi Gong from Earth to understand the air bending methods unique to your (mine soon to be) planet. Each incarnate vessel must find their own way to become Spirit’s energy within their own soul circuitry (energetics). Each world’s environment has its own pulsing vibrations. My mastery is the mergence of my essential flow blended with a location’s crystalline pulse.

I love exploring new places to harness my swirls in new ways! I bend weather to bring harmony. At times chaos is the bringer of balance. I co-create with the devas and nature spirits of natural environments to bring forth from the heavens what is needed.

Two kids from The Last Airbender movie doing Chi Gong

My art is a performance of connectivity with the beings and environments in the moment. When a group of us wants to be amped up in celebratory communion with each other and the planet where we are staying, it is through my air-dance that I electrify the occasion. I create shapes, animals and portals in the clouds, and light formations for play.

My nickname amongst my age is “Skyclad” because I can access my greatest state of sensitivity with Spirit when my body is nude — sensitized and exposed to my medium of light-filled air.

I love you and will bend with you soon…

Airbending Techniques: http://avatar.wikia.com/wiki/Airbending

Air funnel: Similar to an air vortex but on a smaller scale, Aang inventively used this technique as a cannon by creating a small air funnel through which small rock projectiles could be loaded and fired out of the opposite end.

Air ball: An airbender can create a compressed ball of air by moving their hands together in a circular motion. This technique has many applications such as levitating small objects

Closeup of the head of a condor birdCondor Totem: Teaches how to accomplish tasks through patience, vision and riding the thermals of life to maximize your energy powerfully and efficiently, teaches lessons that change is imminent. Condor will help with any changes. Condors can show how to nurture, protect and tend to ourselves to avoid the drudgery and ruts of life. Are you taking yourself too seriously? Are you allowing and going with the flow? Time to relax? Changes happen, it’s up to us and the lessons of Condor to help us adapt.