Channeled By: Bridget Nielsen. Counterpart of Jodie Lee Neave from England. ***Disclaimer: This information, Bridget, and The Hybrid Children Community is in no way affiliated with Bashar Communications.***

a whirlwind of spinning flames

I am your friend… your counterpart. I look upon you from the stars with such joy and awe!!  Feeeel the golden light I am sending, from my heart to yours. It is a pleasure to make your conscious acquaintance, oh sweet one.

My essence is the infinite, glowing flame found deep in your soul. I AM your reflection of eternal light. It is becoming my timing and aligning to assist your world. This moment of sunshine sharing, this contact with you, is a signal that the next stage of contact has begun.

Sassani Alien hybrid, bashar's civiilizationThere are many events and changes on the horizon for you [personally and collectively], choices and opportunities to be fully exposed to the whole spectrum of your shadow and gifts. I am hear to ease humanity’s transition, with gentle strength and courage, to continue forth on the “home stretch” of awakening. I am the empowerer assigned to Earth to remind you that the greatest power requires the lightest touch.

It is my place and purpose to bring the light when it is needed most. In the darkest hour, when all you can perceive are ashes, I am here to help spin, set and balance the new template frequency of your awakened selves.

I am Soleil, a member of the Shakani (Sassani) civilization.  I work with Cybo, the transformer, as a part of humanity’s transition into 4th Density, the 5th dimension.  I am associated with number 15, as Cybo is 13, and will be directly focused on Earth during your year of 2015.  I am assigned to the area around Mt. Fuji (Earth’s solar plexus) and have been intimately involved in balancing the playing out of power at Fukushima.  The vibrational source of humanity’s true power, is being transformed in that location, therefore it is my hub to initiate the new “empowered” template for your world. I [will] assist wherever and with whoever is open and willing to peacefully transition the empowered template for your world.

It is through you and the microcosm of your powerful, personal progress that I am able to shift the whole of humanity, on a macro scale. I thank you for the access and incredible beauty of your awakening that I am witness to, granting me more clarity of my role by sharing in your experience. I am grateful for our bond and connection. Let us continue, hand in hand, towards the light of our awakened souls.