Sharon’s Daughter

One morning when I was in that halfway state between sleep and not, a name pounded into my head over and over again: Star Husil, Star Husil, Star Husil… One of those moments I knew all this is real because that’s not a name I ever would’ve made up.

The barrage stopped when I woke up enough to acknowledge that I’d heard her and would remember. She told me that when she comes to Earth, her “job” will be to go out in dreamtime to help humans with their issues.

hands prism lights for star husil

Not long afterward, Alexandra Nielsen saw my watercolor of Star Husil and instantly connected to her. Here is what Alexandra later told me:

“Twice Star Husil has assisted me during the healings I do for others. She put her hands on top of my hands in two different sessions. One with yours and one with someone else. While helping me, her essence seemed to be pink and yellow… assured and sweet. She was there simply to assist with her gifts. I loved having her with me!”

Star Husil was so anxious to get started, she decided not to wait until she gets here in physical form!