Channeled By Bridget Nielsen, channeling for a hybrid parent that he’s like shared 🙂

These are the three musketeers, the trio! I have never come across siblings more connected than yours! Normally, “Family groups” are more individuated or loving from afar, but these kids are very warm, cozy and adoring of each other. It is in their nature to be this way. Grouping as one is part their unique essences. It is a part of their makeup and design from you 🙂 

Phase (little one on the far right): “Phazy Daizy” Are what his brothers and sisters call him. He is super sweet and shy. His gift is phasing in and out of realities. Dimming and brightening his presence depending on how he feels and what is needed. He teaches others, kids and humans, on the ship how to do this. The other hybrids have the ability to teleport, but to phase within one location is more unique. Through his eyes he delivers the transmission of eternity. He loves you very much… he wants you to know. (Your dominant DNA & Energetics, over 60%)

Peter Flynn Pan (Middle Son): This kid is the group leader and the star of the show in a very pure way. Gathering others in song, story, poem and play is his gift. He brings others together with his welcoming energy that beams joy and all-encompassing love. 

 celtic heart symbol of connection and loveOkay. This is quite interesting. As I drew him he told me details about his parents. You have just over 30% of your DNA & energetics in him. Synchronistically, he told me that one of the other men, from Ireland, in the Hybrid Playshop share genetics with him too. His essence is bringing people together. One of the reasons he came through for you is to bring you two together …. to connect you two as tribe. It is very sweet. He would like you to connect with his other father. There are 2 other people who are a part of him too, but you two are his primary parents. Yes he is made up of two men, but it was more of a lab experiment, not sexual… just to be clear. 

Abigail (far left sister) ~ From the Hebrew name אֲבִיגָיִל (‘Avigayil) meaning “my father is joy”. group of creative gypsy children She chose this name to honor you… She is joy and says that was passed on from you. That is her essence~ spirited joy! She basks in the love that their grouping creates. Very kind and loves to sing. (Your dominant DNA & Energetics, over 50%)