Bridget’s Kids!

I clairvoyantly saw Alice standing by my bedside one evening before bed… I was very adept at clairaudience and kinesthetic knowing, but clairvoyance hadn’t been my strongpoint! This was my first experience with it and almost shocked me!  There she stood, standing by me smiling and quiet.  I didn’t think to talk to her… My mind was taken away from the moment by my confusion over her looks… she has blonde hair and blue eyes, yet I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I unfairly tried to change her hair to brown in my mind, but it didn’t work– she is blonde!  A few days later, it came to my understanding that one of my childhood (boy) friends was on the ship with me and they mixed our DNA. He has blond/light coloring so it all made sense!  That was the first time I had considered the idea of having a dad involved with my hybrid kids and one I know… geez, pretty amazing!

She had a very strong “Alice in Wonderland” energy and I felt her quiet wisdom.  She wanted me to follow her down the rabbit hole!  Tio came to me a week later and I got to know him as I drew his picture… He’s a magician and has a bag full of whimsical tricks! I love them and it’s extra special knowing their father!  – Bridget Nielsen