Channeled Message and Painting by Bridget Nielsen

Shalinaya Galactic Counterpart:
“I am a pilot, an engineer and explorer of the known and unknown. Open to those qualities to enable our realities to merge for contact. Creating ships, in any way you imagine, will shift you to my field.”

hybridchildrenExtra ways he said you can connect with him: Model spaceships and the study of them, flying (in meditation, dreams and real life on planes). He’s showing me that there is a lot of information that will come to you in exploring “physical coordinates mapping” as well as the study of teleportation, Nassim Haramein-type physics and travel through space/time. I’m hearing even if you play with these ideas in an imaginary way, without (consciously) knowing what you are doing, the truth of these other realities will come through you. There is a high probability that you will consciously, physically meet this counterpart (another version of your soul expressed through the oversoul) and that meeting is what he is preparing you for now. Remember~ the sooner you remember the contact that has already occurred, the closer you are to physical contact.

Hybrid Child:
He says you can call him “Tig the Twig” haha. He appeared to me clairvoyantly looking like a little tribal tiger boy. Young, playful and wild. As I connected with his energy, I sense there is something powerful for you in the forest, particularly in the jungle, that he would like to explore with you. He has the energy of the “lost boys” from Peter Pan, with a strong shamanistic quality… verrrry deep and wise, especially being so young. Go to the jungle and meet your primal self. Meet the part of you that created him.

The “craft” idea is coming again, which has a double meaning for being crafty and making things, as well as its association to space craft. Tig would like you to make a tribal mask for yourself. He has one that he made and wears. By creating one yourself, you’ll be more connected to him.

tigeranimaltotemYour counterpart and son are both emphasizing that by making physical objects (model space ship & tribal mask), similar to the ones they have in their reality, you will sync up the two realities and create a line of communication. The communication will be present in the ACT of making these objects, as well as in the connection provided through these energetic devices.

There is a large black space in the painting that they wanted me to paint. This space represents emptiness, the void, inward expansion and the unknown. Through both of the star family members who showed up for you, venturing into the deep darkness of space or jungle will unlock new aspects of your being.

The tiger is coming in as a guiding energy to navigate you… Follow your instincts, raw feelings and trust yourself!

Tiger Totem:

In the kingdom of spirit animal, the tiger puts a special emphasis on raw feelings and emotions. The tiger spirit animal symbolizes primal instincts, unpredictability, and ability to trust yourself. By affinity with this spirit animal, you may enjoy dealing with life matters spontaneously, trusting your intuition and acting fast when needed.

The primary meaning of the tiger spirit animal is willpower, personal strength and courage;
Shadow or part of you that you would normally try to hide or reject.
Aggression or anger directed at you or felt towards someone;
Unpredictability in life, actions or feelings;