Channeled by Bridget

Big happy birthday to you ­čÖé !!!! Okay, first off… you have so much loving support, as you likely know. ┬áThere were a lot of beings biding for the spot, seriously, but these two were most important for your birthday and present explorations. I will reference the attached picture with the rest of the message.

The Dolphins: Your Dolphin connection has many layers. The spotted Atlantean dolphins spoke first and wanted to remind you of your friendship with them during your Atlantean┬álives. The dolphin also represents your strong vibrational resonance and simultaneous incarnations with Sirius. The most important message from your dolphin counterpart is “Play, dance, skip, fly! Play dance, skip fly! Inter-play. Enter-play. Inner-species play. Interspecies play. ” He wants to remind you of your greatest way of communicating with other beings: PLAY ­čÖébaby dolphin swimming with mom

Hybrid Connect: You were born at the tail end of the hybridization program and therefore don’t have hybrid children of your own. Since your mom does, you have┬áhybrid siblings who you are already connected to, but may not remember yet.

I asked about the significance of you getting this reading for your Birth-Day and the answer came. It is to celebrate the birth of you AND your “other half”~ your “twin” brother! Your genetics are very similar and your energetic templates are almost copies. He was in your mother’s womb with you for a short time and was birthed around the same time, to solidify your astrological bond. You are the “Earth version” and he is the “star version” of your soul’s expression. As souls before coming in he said, “You take Earth and I’ll take the stars.” It was like a game you’d play and the goal was to remember!┬áwater hole portal

Where you meet is in the energy/reality of “flow,” represented by water. It is the most familiar to your souls. It is the dream place and space in between two physicalized realities~ two dimensions.┬á The dolphins are the messengers of this “birth realm of possibilities” and sound and light are your mediums of communication/communion. He is hybrid not mer, but the quality he wants you to tap into is MER frequency. Really focus and develop your dream abilities and stay in the world of imagination.

He is directing me to not focus on the various star connections, though there are many, to align your focus to the inner Earth plane and portals. A teleporting tool he will help you develop in the dream-space. Practicing teleportation by “remote viewing” to other places, and civilizations that you have connections to, like Lumeria and Atlantis. Eventually you will remember these portals from other times and get so good at astrally navigating them, that when the time comes for you to physically go, you will have full accessibility to travel through these star gates.

There are other siblings for you to connect to who are already singing in your ear. For now these are the first two beings saying hello :)!!