By Jolanda van Dalen Halsteren (The Netherlands)

When I was a young girl, some fifty years ago, my mother said to me:  “You are such a strange kid, you must come from another planet.” With a big smile on my lips, I now realize she spoke the truth. At that time I decided to keep silent about my ‘strange’ experiences and tried to be a normal kid. As soon as I learned to write I wrote my experiences down in a diary. And now I am so pleased I did, because I have reached the point at which I can fully comprehend the treasures within those experiences. I have finally started to live to the full in co-creation and manifestation with All There Is, on a multidimensional level.

Many of my ‘weird’ experiences were about having dreams about children with special genetic codes… One of those children is Venzzy, my hybrid daughter. Our contact is getting clearer by the day. She recently presented me her name and surprised me all of a sudden with two beautiful experiences. Until then I had no clear contact with her.

The first one took place one evening in September 2013. I was about to do a two-day intensive on hybrid children in Holland with Sigrid Karssens and Inge Kuip, two pioneers in bringing consciousness of the hybrid children to our country (Holland). I felt a clear impulse from Venzzy that she wanted me to take crystals to the hybrid children intensive. She wanted me to give them to everyone on behalf of the hybrid kids. Venzzy communicated with me that the hybrid kids would visit us during the intensive and wanted to play with us through the crystals. They would create little rainbows in them for us to see at the end of the workshop. She wanted the parents and participants to take them home as a remembrance of the children, as a gift. To feel more united. So, full of joy I gathered a sackful of beautiful Lemurian iris and some Arkansas crystals. And some nice little colorful bags to keep them in.

The next morning I started to doubt the thing that Venzzy had asked me to do. Some old conviction triggered me. Did I fantasize this impulse? Did I make this up? I was a bit scared to bring this out in the open in this group. But NO, I was not fantasizing! And off I went with my sackful of crystals.

At the end of day two of the workshop everyone chose one of the crystals and some people immediately saw the little rainbows sparkling in them. So the kids kept their promise and created a lot of magic in the crystals. And there was a feeling of great joy in the group. In the days after the intensive people shared with me that the crystals helped them with some very special healing work… And they kept the stones close by to be in contact with their little hybrid friends. Thanks so much, Venzzy, for bringing this magic to us.

My second remarkable experience was on the evening after the intensive. I stepped into bed and I felt a great inner love and sacred silence. The minute I lay my head down there she was, standing next to my bed: VENZZY! I had my eyes closed, but for the first time I saw my hybrid daughter in full presence and color.

I immediately had to laugh because I saw her funny blonde curls. I spoke loudly and excitedly: “From whom do you have these blonde curls?”

“From me,” I thought, and I felt deeply touched. As a kid I had blonde curls. What made it even more precious to me is that I do not have kids in the third dimension. So this was a very special moment.

There was another remarkable thing about this meeting with Venzzy. She held a sort of transparent long box in her two little hands. In it was a blue crystal. It was slowly floating up and down in the box. I immediately knew it was the mineral cobalt. What made it very special to me was that I lately have felt very tired. I was diagnosed with a shortage of some minerals and vitamins. Among them was… yes, cobalt. Cobalt can be found in Mother Earth, but also in great amounts in… meteorites.


All of my life I’ve known I came from the stars to bring awareness of the Light to planet Earth. My body is built of stardust. And now, to really get to a higher vibration of Light, I was in need of cobalt. And there she was, my beautiful hybrid daughter bringing me a cobalt crystal. Such a beautiful gift and great healing tool. It touches my heart again right now as I write this down. Miracles do happen!

And as suddenly as Venzzy appeared, she vanished. Probably because I was starting to think about what happened. Such a pity because I wanted to spend more time with her. But I let go and fell asleep with a great joy in my heart. And I know there are more stories to come. This is only the beginning.

With gratitude to Sigrid Karssens. A true pioneer in the world of the hybrid children in Holland. It is because of her that I started to acknowledge who I really am and acknowledge having these beautiful hybrid children.

And thanks to Sharon McCormick for the invitation to write about Venzzy and make a drawing. This brought the experience to Earth!

Jolanda van Dalen Halsteren, Netherlands 31 oktober 2013