By Sharon McCormick

“We are truly sorry we cannot walk this Earth with you.”

These are the words I heard in late September from a crystal clear voice. Dying for confirmation of who it was, I decided to talk to The Creators, channeled by Daniel Scranton.

Technical issues cropped up during their answer. When the issues were resolved and The Creators came back in, the question was put to them again. Some of the second half is a repeat of the first, but I’ve decided to post both sections in full because the wording is slightly different – and to me at times conveys a slightly different meaning.

Transcript from Daniel Scranton/The Creators webinar, October 1, 2013 (by permission)

Sharon: A few nights ago a voice clearly said to me, “We are truly sorry we cannot walk this Earth with you.” Can you tell me who that was?

Creators: What you were in contact with at that time were the hybrid children that carry your genetic material. You have been part of a grand experiment and the experiment was a success and is a success. So there are beings that carry your genetic material that you would call your children that are the result of this experiment or these experiments.

And they very much would love to connect with you on a physical level but at this particular time the vibrations are simply too dissonant for you to have that type of interaction with them that you would have with physical children. So they wanted you to know that they love you very much and they would love very much to connect with you here on planet Earth. And that will be possible someday but for now this is what it is.

They want to help you access your feelings about the fact that you are separate at this time. Our recommendation to you is to ask before you fall asleep at night to have more memories of the interactions that you do have with them because you are traveling at night while you are asleep and you are connecting with these beings but you are not necessarily taking the information or the memories of those experiences back with you when you wake up.

So ask to have those memories, those recollections when you wake up and be prepared when you wake up to remember that which you have experienced. Have something there by your bed that you can write with. You may wish to record your voice or you may simply wish to write down that which you are getting when you are waking up in the morning so that you can experience those memories that you are able to access but are not necessarily remembering.


(At that point the technology acted up. When my question was repeated to them, they continued.)

Creators: Sharon, you were a part of a very successful experiment that resulted in the creation of human-alien hybrid children. Those children are not able to walk this Earth with you. They are of a different vibration and therefore they literally could not and would not fit into this environment and that is why they are not with you.

But part of what this experience was about for you was to get you in touch with the feelings that you have about having your genetic material used in these experiences to create. And also the fact that you are not able to spend your physical time with them, your waking conscious physical body is not able to interact with them because of the vibrational differences.

Now, we want you to keep the lines of communication open with them and the way to do this is to ask before you fall asleep to remember the experiences you are having while you are asleep with them because while you are asleep you are able to leave your body behind and to exist on the same vibrational frequency that they exist in and have interactions with them. And you learn from them and they learn from you.

Then when you wake up in the morning we want you to be able to recall that which you experience with them, so ask for that and expect for that before you fall asleep and be ready to write down or record whatever experiences you do remember immediately upon waking up. And that is our advice to you regarding this situation.

But also we want you to be in touch with those emotions that you are feeling about this situation and about how you are experiencing that separation now while you are awake. But it is necessary for you to work through those emotions and then at some point in the future you will be able to exist physically in the same vibration that they do because you are raising your vibration all the time… all the time.


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