Mother of Hermes, Asher, Kora, Griffin, Sandor and more… Counterpart to Willa Hillicrising.

Love song to Willa.

“What is life if not a dream arising from the heartmind of the Creator?
My cHildren are born from my own dreaming and from yours.
My oversoul first incarnated on this beautiful planet in the first
days as the indigenous child of one of the refugees from the star
nations experiencing conflict. Earth was different then, a peaceful
paradise. That memory has haunted every successive life I have lived,
enduring many only because of my passionate love for Gaia. I endure
still to help bring that beauty fully into the present for all who
sojourn with Her and for the Creation.

I have never paid that much attention to the apparent divisions
between the worlds. I have never felt the need to ‘grow up’. Most of
those I love the deepest do not inhabit physical bodies. In fact the
most important embodied Beings in this life for me have been creatures
wild and domestic living without the overlay of human civilization to
tame them. Beings who know themselves as intrinsic and essential. As do
the cHildren.










It is so totally natural for me to embrace my cHildren. I believe
they contain both my earthly genetics and my energtic imprint. I was
visited as a child at night by star family (Nommo) but beyond that I
have no recall in waking life which I am at peace with. My life has been
challenging enough. But it is my energetic connection with the cHildren
I really value. I look into their eyes and rejoice as they carry the
best and purest of me. I carry deep spiritual scars accumulated over
these numerous lives. I am battleworn but in their eyes I see innocence
and hope.

I was born awake in this life. It is a great burden as well as an
incredible gift. I understand what consciousness is and how important it
is to share it with peers. The cHildren have each other to explore and
journey with. That gives me joy and comfort. I trust they will never
experience the degree of loneliness some of us have had to suffer.
Their Being opens possibilities. The cHildren are our investment into
our own futures. I know I have incarnated into that potential further
upstream and my ‘future’ self/descendent and I wave at each other and
feel that spirit which we share that is Eternal…..wild wild star child
of Gaia that we are:)