Gallery of Extraterrestrial and Alien Races

These are just a few races that make up Our Galactic Family

Cetaceans – Whales and Dolphins are the other incarnating “alien” species that live with us right here on Earth, which means that they are not “extraterrestrial” or not of Earth, but they are alien in that they are not humanoid and walk upright and bipedal.

Reptilians – Different factions representing both negative and positive energies including a strong contingent with Orion Energy.

Grays – Parallel reality Humans that genetically modified themselves from the Zeta Reticuli Star System.

Yahyel – Hybrids made from Grays and Humans known as the 5th Hybrid Race. It was their spacecraft that became known as the Phoenix Lights from1997. They will be the first to land and make contact with humans.

Essassani – Hybrids made from Grays and Humans known as the 3rd Hybrid Race of which Bashar is a part.

Annunaki – Our Progenitors.

Pleiadians – Our 4th density “cousins” that look like humans from the Pleiades star system.

Arcturians – Physical and non-physical beings that aid the balancing of emotions of humans.

Sirius – Has 6th dimensional non-physical beings and 4th dimensional physical salamander type beings. The 6th dimensional beings are in a triad with Essassani and Earth and assist us as guides.