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Hybrid Children Online Playshop!

You’re invited to this online playshop anytime! 

  • Connect with your hybrid child!!!
  • Remember your galactic heritage & soul mission
  • Bond with like-hearted soul family
  • Rekindle your own inner child & ability to PLAY!
  • Cultivate your extrasensory abilities
  • Develop your ability to trust yourself and use your intuition

Gallery of Extraterrestrial and Alien Races Photos

Pictures, paintings and drawings of Cetaceans, Reptilians, Grays, Yahyel, Essassani, Annunaki, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirius and more…

Videos and Links to Hybrid Children Youtube Channel

Watch Videos about ET’s, Hybrid Children, and Hybrid Parents. Be sure to Click Subscribe!


Links to Other Hybrid and ET Websites

Links to Harmonious Earth, Galactic Families, Barbara Lamb, Dolores Cannon, Daniel Scranton/The Creators, Shaun Swanson, Rob Gauthier, Benevolent Reptilian Hybrid, Brad Johnson/Adronis, Spirit Science and more…

Harmonious Earth ~ A new 4th Density World

We are shifting to a new 4th Density Harmonious Earth. See what that new Earth will be like and what you’ll need to do to be on it.

The Children

Pictures and Articles about hybrid children that have made contact with their hybrid parents and shared information about what they look like and what they are gifted and interested in.

The Parents

Pictures and Articles about hybrid children Parents that have made contact with their hybrid children. They share their experiences of meetings and how they felt and what it mean to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are the hybrid children? Do I have hybrid children? Aren’t we all hybrids? Am I a hybrid? What if I don’t have hybrid children? When are the hybrid kids landing? Where will the hybrid kids live? and more…

Articles Explaining Hybrid’s and ET’s

Pictures and Articles about: How Hybrid Children are created, Our ET Heritage, Our Galactic Family, Other ET Races like Bashar’s race Essassani, The Barnard Star System and how we will be their ET’s and more…

Articles about Hybrid Children

Passionate Mohican, Native Hybrid

Channeled Message and Painting by Bridget Nielsen Mohican (meaning: "from the waters that are never still") Your son is intimately connected to the Native Americans energy, particularly with the Mohican tribe which he wanted to be named after. He has a wild, potent...

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Poncho, Mayan Hybrid

Channeled Message and Painting by Bridget Nielsen I am honored for you to be re-introduced to your son Poncho! Poncho is his nickname (of course) and for now, this is what he'd like you to call him. He has an incredible sense of humor and is full of life! He is very...

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Tig Hybrid and Shalinaya Counterpart

Channeled Message and Painting by Bridget Nielsen Shalinaya Galactic Counterpart: "I am a pilot, an engineer and explorer of the known and unknown. Open to those qualities to enable our realities to merge for contact. Creating ships, in any way you imagine, will shift...

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Lilly, Shelley’s hybrid daughter

Lilly: “Look in my eyes and you will see a fertile bloom of the truth… an ecstatic dream that came to Be. Can’t you see? It is you.” ~Lilly Lilly first came through to me shortly after I became close friends with Nick, her hybrid father. Together, we contributed well...

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Hybrid Children & The Sacred Mountains

Channeled By: Bridget Shannon has energetic and genetic imprints that makeup Jacob (the boy in the middle of the picture). The most important thing I hear from Jacob is that he is the primary guide of both of you, or hybrid child ambassador, as you likely already...

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Twin Dolphin Hybrid Connection

Channeled by Bridget Big happy birthday to you 🙂 !!!! Okay, first off... you have so much loving support, as you likely know.  There were a lot of beings biding for the spot, seriously, but these two were most important for your birthday and present explorations. I...

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Mapper ~ Framework and Maze Generator

Bridged by: Bridget Nielsen Maper is a maze designer. He uses his grid gifts as a game, almost like a video game designer on Earth.  He sets up holographic realities for his friends (fellow hybrids) to master, setting up portals, and uses magical devices to foresee...

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The Tribal Hybrid Children

Channeled By Bridget Nielsen, channeling for a hybrid parent that he's like shared 🙂 These are the three musketeers, the trio! I have never come across siblings more connected than yours! Normally, "Family groups" are more individuated or loving from afar, but these...

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Rainbow Hybrid Children

Channeled by Bridget Nielsen Through My Eyes by Wheels, To Mom (Far left Boy): Wheels that stand the test of time, Spoke of truth is yours and mine. Just-is is our message to share, For freedom is I you bear. The shackles of illusion you uncuff, And I reveal it is a...

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Fay, The Elemental Hybrid Girl

Channeled by: Bridget Nielsen for Tiffany Garcia “Gaze into the wishing well, I have endless stories to tell...” Meet Fay. This little nature sprite hybrid is magically mystical. She would like to communicate with you through reflection.  Water is her favorite flowing...

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