I am flooded with love to participate in bringing the “freelancers” home – Heaven On Mothership Earth – to the conscious shores of humanity! It’s my experience that when we sleep-dream, we are visiting other worlds and our super tight galactic family across the cosmos. And when we come back in “the morning,” it may not entirely serve us to remember them all. The remembering party is just getting started and I’m game to throw down! When I was 16, I recall having a real knowingness (accompanied by fear) that “they” were coming for me again. That I was about to be “detained.” Experiences of sleep paralysis continued several times a week for years, sometimes more than once a night, where I would travel out of my body, sometimes with beings, sometimes I would just black out. I didn’t know what was happening at the time, but I kind of do now. One hybrid child has communicated with me via Bashar. Her role is to be a guide for me to remember my connection to all the children. Her name is Pearl. A day after the knowledge of her existence came, I was in a crystal store and just happened to find a downward facing triangular amulet inlaid with Mother of Pearl. I wear it to remember the children and to honor the symbolic return. It seems to be common that the children will choose a physical earthly element to help us connect with them. So if you’re curious about them, before you go to sleep tonight… Ask to be shown an object that will connect you with one of them. And perhaps someday we will all welcome them to live on the surface of our rich and beautiful planet!