Daughter of Magnolia. Channeled by Bridget Nielsen

I often whisper in your ear~ listen closely so you can hear… I come to you often~ sending the essence of flowers and waves of pink, orange and purple light. My heart sparkles knowing we’re now connected in your waking dream! You’ll soon remember all of the times we’ve played together… hehe. Our bond is so dear to me… I love you!!

BlueFlowerFractalI work with the essence of flowers on every scale… from a little daffodil to the grand, flower of life foundation of your 5th dimensional earth.  I love dancing between the fractal energy grids of life and seeing that vibration bloom into physical reflection.  I prance through the energy structures of planets and dimensions experiencing the network of communication and connectedness.

Am-a-Lea: “Lea” An open area of grassy or arable land. A grassland, a meadow… 

I use my passion to work with the mycelium (fungi/mushroom) network on your world.  When I arrive I will teach you how to utilize the wisdom of its intricate structure. I play in the world of plants, trees, nature and fungi… taking in each fragrant essence, I float on its vibration~ igniting a new part of me (and the greater Me). Fleur_D__apo_by_mynameishalo

I love the light of night… it is through the moon that a unique presence from these nature beings come alive.  I glide in ecstasy and rhythmic communion with the heartbeat of nature and All That Is.

Will you meet me in my meadow in your dreams? I’ll take you to my world… For it is you who gave me my eyes and heart to be alive. Thank you my rose momma.