Channeled by: Bridget Nielsen

“I explore folklore, wives-tales and the stories of different cultures of humanity. I’m fascinated by the archetypal expressions, lessons and understandings expressed in their own unique way across oceans, and repeated over thousands of years on Earth. They all stem from the same universal story. My expertise is on this “archetype of story”… the story archetype is like the oversoul to many focused individual archetypes/souls.

The oral tradition of storytelling and passing down or passing on realities from one person to another is one of my passions… for a friend to be like their own self contained portal and show you a world they’ve experienced and vice-versa makes me want to sing!!! I’ve been told that this is a lost art on your planet and I would like to gift it back to you. I take beings on adventures through the energy I transmit telempathically, creating a projected experience for people to see in their mind’s eye. I can teach you to do this too! I work with the energy signature of archetypes want they create?? when translated into a physical incarnation or a storybook character. I’m reviving what your cultures once knew but lost over the generations by carrying on with ~story~ in a new way where you’ve left off… much like how the whales sing stories and each generation infuses new living energy and adds to the song over “time.”

I admire books and love retrieving story from them. I can smell time in its physicality which is a new experience for me living on a ship in timelessness. Through your books I can see the worlds the creator describes through the atmospheric nuances and intricate details energetically imprinted in the printed words. I’m enthralled by the emotional woes and sorrows of humanity… I do my best to understand it but unfortunately am unable to experience the energy of what you call destitution. Much of the pure archetypal, universal rhythm captured through this medium has been covered by the muddiness of your perspectives, which I can now see washing off as you awaken!

To tell an old story is to perpetuate its ripples and unless you enjoy that series, you can always switch to a new saga. Momma, I’m a part of your story and you’re a part of mine… if you want, we can write together! The arrival with my fellow hybrid family on Earth is a new story. It’s the timing to begin telling our new story if you’d like and to pass on this candle of light so we can all live in the pages of a timeless book of joy and ecstasy together!!

A story is a world… whichever one you speak, dream and wish is true! Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! I love you!!!”

In reference to the picture, she wanted the sewing wheel in dedication to the spinners storytelling tradition. She’s really connected to all cultures around the world. She love the archetypal symbology of the dragon, specifically in the Chinese and Eastern traditions.