My first conscious realization of perhaps having hybrid children started about eight years ago when a friend gave me these tubes with alien-type figures inside. I spontaneously announced, “These are my alien babies!” That wasn’t a thought I’d previously conceived, yet it felt natural.  My two children saw me place them on a table with some crystals, and when friends inquired, even they matter-of-factly recognized, “Those are mom’s alien babies.” Since that time, I have become more aware of my “self” existing in other forms, realms and dimensions, making real the possibility of having hybrid children. I’ve had dreams of being on a ship with children (real experiences?).  I’ve also been told that on the ships, I work with the kids, specifically in linguistics. Each realization takes time to settle in my mind, and as it does, so does my acceptance and understanding that I have children elsewhere.  So these babies in tubes represent my hybrid children. Perhaps I have many hybrid children, and when I am really ready, I believe more information about them will present itself. For now, this is what I believe is true for me, and I have a sense of well-being and happiness about my hybrid kids. I have not discussed this publicly, so this is my next step – connecting and sharing with others who also know the phenomenon is real for them. This is a new phase, so thank you to this site, and to Sharon and Bridget for bringing it out into the open and supporting others.