By Sharon McCormick

My daughter Daisy loves three things: horses, dancing and playing. Many of the hybrid children and other-dimensional beings keep urging us humans to play, play, play! Daisy lives it.

Furthermore, she’s very clear about who she is and what she wants. She insisted on being painted in pink overalls.

Not long ago my friend Liz told me about a dream she’d had which she recorded in her journal:

“I’m standing in a room full of children. There must be 30 or so kids of varying ages. School is out for two weeks and they are all very excited about the break. In celebration, the kids line up to perform a little line dance for me. Front and center is a young girl, maybe 8 years old, with a curly halo of blonde hair. She’s wearing overalls. Her exuberance is infectious.”

Two days after her dream, Liz attended one of my workshops. This is how she described her experience there:

“The class took place in the airy, upstairs room at Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim. The space resembled a large loft, with windows along each side and a piano against one wall. There was a familiar energy present but it took me a few minutes to grasp why. When the realization did come, it was unmistakable. This was the room where I’d watched the joyful little girl and all her equally irrepressible friends dancing!”

Liz’s description of the little girl and her reaction to being in the upstairs room at LLF set off a strong vibration in me. When I showed her my watercolor of Daisy, which she’d never seen or heard about, she realized immediately she’d met my daughter.

Daisy gets around. She appeared one night in one of my dreamvisions, the experiences I know are real, rather than plain old dream-dreams. She was playing with the multi-colored New Earth (the sphere she’s standing on in the watercolor above) as if it were a ball, bouncing it up and down. She suddenly stopped, walked toward me with the ball and silently handed it to me. Her telempathic message was crystal clear: “The New Earth is yours – if you want it. It’s totally up to you.”

The hybrid children are ready. We Earthlings are getting there…