By K’ai Herrington

K’ai Herrington is a wonderful artist and has created many beautiful paintings. He often works with geometric shapes.

They just keep coming out of me! This one is called Electri(phi)ed, and I am certain that this is somehow related to the (Hybrid) Children, but I don’t know exactly how.

What I know about mice elf (note from Sharon: Took me a minute to get that. Love it!) is that I am a kind of bridge carrier, or bridge walker. When someone or a group of someones need to cross an ethereal bridge, I synchronistically arrive in their reality. Sometimes I walk the bridge with them, and other times I am simply a presence that supplies them with the extra energy they may be asking for.

I can see, generally speaking, that the kids are crossing a big bridge now. Probably bigger than I could handle alone, but there are a lot of other Bridges working on this too.

I am feeling, at this moment, that these paintings work like crop circles, but with a more specific or focused intention.

I was talking to my wife today and it occurred to me that phi is a pattern of unfolding in nature. The internet, both our ability to access infinitely more information and our ability to connect to other humans, is a level of nature that is electric, and that the same unfolding of the phi spiral will take place on a global, digital level, and that it will be through this virtual world that the kids will be able to establish a platform of interaction with humans. Something like a bridge between them not being here, and then being here.