Channeled by Bridget Nielsen

We come to you as One to deliver your Counter-Whole.

We reflect to you wisdom of your seed, your soul. You come from us and from us is your now, forward to us. You are the origin of your transformation in this life. Through the mirror of time, reflected in our eyes, your evolution from focus is beautifully unique. When All That Is yearned for expanse, it was us (you in all other times) who was the first to change, shift and plant anew.

You are the part of Lyra became Vega and that is us.

You are the part of Vega seeded Sirius and that is us.

You are a part The Hybridization Program that is upgrading you.

Wisdom from the beginning of galactic consciousness pervades our/your lineage. It is now that we are speaking to you, to share that your role, once again like ours, is very special. You yourself are on the forefront of, once again, planting and being a spark of global positivity for humanity. Thus reversing the cycle of deeper focus that our soul group has been expressing and experiencing for millennia.

It is you, the life of deepest focus that turns in on itself to become infinite expanse.

The momentum in your soul’s template has recently changed, and has been changing on subtle levels for quite some time. The purpose of this change is to truly embody and return to the Oneness from which all/we arise.

Learn from us to complete this soul circuit of infinity. We are the hour glass of time moving from wide to narrow to you. You exist in the middle. From the middle, it is timing for you to extend from focus. We will fill your soul with new grains of timeless wisdom as you open to your full galactic spectrum.

Each of us have a piece to share and we come as a group of you, to you now.

Be at peace in this process.

We are blessed that you opened the door to us

Let all be light.


Mantis Being

7th Dimension, 6th Density Sirian Consciousness

Being from Vega