Rheannan’s Hybrid Children (Australian Hybrid Mother), Channeled by: Bridget Nielsen

flower_5_bg_030604I live every breath in the serenity that you feel in a kiss.

In my observation of humans it was quite a feat (she learned that phrase) identifying a moment where humans experience the sweet pleasure that continuously pulses through me.

It was through you that I discovered it! I felt for the first time where that moment exists in humanity.  Joy and pleasure lives in the kiss!!! Thus my passion became the art of kissing on earth. I’m interested in the full spectrum of friendly greetings to intimate embrace.

What is it about a kiss? What makes that particular moment okay to be open with another? How do you choose who and when? Why are those gleaming moments kept hidden? The human formula to kissing is very odd. I’m doing my best to figure it out. I would like you to help me understand…

passionate_kiss_by_heavenbound84-d3ep577My deepest fascination is what sparks two lovers to close their eyes to kiss. What is the mechanism? How does this happens?

I love this moment. It’s my favorite thing I’ve seen thus far in humanity. When people close their eyes to kiss, the mind activity stops and oneness emerges. Their new eyes bloom to the rose-colored world I exist as.

I am perplexed that these moments are so rare for humans.  Why doesn’t it always have passion? Why do people hold back their passion with each other? Why don’t they always connect in rapturous embrace?


Mom… I am able to feel creation so deeply because of the infusion of you radiating through my being.

Drink me [hibiscus tea] into in your heart.

I love you as a kiss.





-She’s about 15 years old 🙂

-She showed me that reads/sees energy like a infrared body heat machine!

-She has a very strong love potion number 9/wicken energy~ I can feel her brewing, concocting, understanding for love on earth 🙂

-Drinking hibiscus tea will more strongly connect you with her frequency.

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Hibiscus Flower Meaning:

1. Hibiscus is symbolic of femininity, sexuality and warmth, and new creation. It reminds us of the joy, happiness, and overall the blessing of welcoming a new life into this world.

Hibiscus_Card_LG_0603112. Hibiscus flower essence energizes the first and second chakras, undoing blockages in the lower back and spine, and healing reproductive ailments, including infertility problems, frigidity or lack of feeling, as well as acting as a balm for long-held scars of sexual trauma. The essence assists in releasing pent up creative forces within the womb area and literally sets one free to dance again in life. The flower remedy stimulates sexuality and passion.

Red Hibiscus, I greet your flame,

Hi’iaka, I call your name,

Teach me your sacred song and dance.

My soul full of passion, you enhance.

Hawaiian Connection Archetype: Hi’iaka-I-Ka-Poli-O-Pele (Hi’Iaka-in-the-bosom-of-Pele. Hi’iaka, Supreme Goddess of the Hula, according to legend, was born of the Earth Mother Goddess Haumea, as an egg that transformed into a beautiful girl. Hula is a sacred study, undertaken by aspiring sorcerers and healers.

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