As a result of my experiences there were serious questions early in life about what was occurring on this planet. Something seemed out of kilter. As time passed I became ever more tuned-into the things that bring about a cognitive dissonance for people. I felt consistently attracted to matters that call our worldview and the fabric of reality into question. Experiences through my teens and twenties left no doubt in knowing we are not alone. I had the distinct honor of meeting my off-planet daughter in a full physical sense, in public, in broad daylight when I was 29. The meeting was physical. The exchange was entirely telepathic. You know, being an experiencer is a challenge. It all requires a total reconstruction of worldview. We all have our challenges in life. If we shrink from those challenges we stagnate into repression and secrecy. It is glaringly and most painfully obvious; the human race cannot afford to continue in the same direction. We all know it. If in our hearts we stand for love, peace and justice, unity and cooperation, then we must stand up for our truth.