Daughter of Willo Ravenswood from Tasmania, Australia

Channeled by: Bridget Nielsen


Dear Mum,

My heart is saturated with dripping honey love for you… I actively prepare for the moment we’ll be bonded in your reality once again, for we have already met… maaaany times. Let’s create remembrance together in your dreams, okay? 🙂

My Gift:

I indulge in the sweet nectar of life! I am a color specialist. I play, dance, create within the light spectrum… I love exploring the pure frequencies and slight variations of THE WHITE expanding into the rainbow from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to indigo to violet!! All of the colors are The One and The Light is all the colors. Weee! I see your world like the bees… twice as fast as humans… taking in each nuance and subtlety. Where the colors are clear, I will go… Colors guide me through realities and attract me like a bee to a brilliant bright flower!

I’m excited to be with the bees when I arrive on Earth. I’m making designs to create your world for the pleasure of the bees because when the bees are happy, all of creation blossoms and buzzes with new life! When I arrive I’ll create gardens and blueprints for our living spaces amongst nature to maximize our experience of the color spectrum.


As you, other humans and my fellow hybrids develop my ability of taking in pure color frequency at an accelerated rate, my de

signs will transition you to take in color as energizing nourishment and food!

As with the bees, I have a strong Sirian connection. I like to play in water and oceans to navigate through infinite dimensions by following light beams and fractured light in water!

I will show you! And you will show me!!! I’m buzzing to beeee with you!