Writings from my Hybrid Children

By: Nisha

September 21, 2015

Hello this is Mylin. I am 13 and I am a girl who has an interest in healing of nature. I will help with the growing of vegetables and plants, and be outside in the gardens. I talk with the devas and nature spirits, and know how to take great care of plants. I am looking forward to being in your presence. I have brown eyes, am 5’10”. My father is on the ship called Selma. I want to thank you for volunteering  to host me and the other children when the time is right. I am still on the ship Selma, which is located by Mars right now.

Hello, this is Samuel, another one of your children. I am so very happy you reached out to talk to us in this way. My interests are in making artistic paintings & creating color and beauty for all to see. I have purple eyes, so be prepared. We will not need to eat and will each manifest our own place to sleep.. The ranch will be perfect. Thank you for being my mom. Now it is time to go and we will continue talking in the future.

Hello this is Petula, and I enjoy music. I have my own instrument I will bring with me. I am a girl 5′ 8” and we will have such joyful times. Not to worry about what others think. It will all be out in the open  about us when we come possibly in 2016 or 2017

Hello this is Michael & I am 6’4”. There will be nothing that is lacking at the ranch, all will fall together perfectly. My age is 17 yr, and my interest is in the atmosphere conditions. I am also what you call an air bender. I am from the ship Olympia, where you know my father Iankar. Yes as I have reptilian features. You will see Cynthia Crawford again, and she will come visit to the ranch, after you invite her to come. I also play music and have my own instrument to share and make a joyful noise , beautiful music, and you will never be alone. When you meet Ken, you will be what you call overjoyed beyond your imagination. We will be one  big family, helping Gaia. Thanks for being my mom. Yes it was your eggs that was transplanted into the female I also call mom here on the ship,, but I have 50% of my dna is from you. This is all that needs to be said at this time.

Hello this is Peter and I am the last of the 5 kids to talk with you. I have interests also in painting, and will share my paintings in your homes on the ranch. What your money will be used for Gaia, will all be shown to you. You will not need to “search the internet”. You will be amazed how easy life will flow for your family and you.  The idea of Todd getting the 7 bedroom home and his mother and father-in law living with them, will work out perfectly. See you when we arrive in Sedona, and we connect with you there.

10-26-2015 Hello this is Michael the airbender I want to say that the eggs that were taken from your body were transplanted into  Annalisa, your 6th dimensional self here on the ship who I call mom

Hello this is Mylin I have pointed ears, but other than that, and bigger wider eyes, I look similar to you. I have been told when we land in Sedona, it will be six months before the children leave from there, t. o go to the different homes to be placed outside of Sedona, and not just AZ, but other states as well.

11-20-2015 Hello this is Petula from the ship named Selma, also where Mylin is at. I am so very excited knowing you already have the ranch where we will come to stay. As previously said your name is attached to it, and no one else will buy it.. My instrument is like a harp but only smaller. My father is a man from the planet Venus, like Linda George’s dad. I look very human. No, I have not met Michael from Olympia ship in person, but we talk telepathically.

12-18-2015  Hello this is Michael, your child. Do not worry about a thing. All questions about you and Analisa, and your reptilian form on the ship, will be answered at the appropriate time. Each seeming day on Earth, gets us closer to being able to be together.

Hello this is Samuel. I will be doing most of the communicating for the projects that are going to help Gaia. Rest assured all will be done effortlessly when the time comes, and yes you will have rose bushes on the ranch. I am on the ship Selma and know Petula and Mylin. Our father is Mus, he is of Arcturian descent.

1-12-2016    Now Michael wants to say hello.  Yes you have wondered about my physical appearance. Well, my skin color has a tinge of olive green color and no I do not have a tail. It took 5 generations of human DNA added each time in a larger %, to finally have the tail no longer be there, but my father Iankar does have a tail. This is what I wanted to say, and the appearance of scales can only be seen as very subtle. As we have said, it will all be out in the open when we come. We will tell you about the timing of our landing in Sedona around the place called Angel Fire Valley, when we know.