Hello Everyone!

After talking about Hybrids for so long, I realized that that is the only topic that people think I cover 😉 So I wanted to introduce you to ALL of myself 🙂 Click here to explore my website!

My background is in all types of healing modalities. I’ve been trained in Soul Memory Discover, Family Constellations, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Entity Removal and Land Healing. I am open and happen to explore these areas with you! I also believe that food and health is SUCH a big part of the awakening process. I have studied and live real health and would be happy to assist your diet and overall well-being.

Here are some of the options I offer and I am fully open to customizing whatever you need!

Whole Soul Embodiment Session and Inner Child Connection. Click each image to find out more! 


Whole Soul Embodiment Session and Inner Child Connection


Vital Women – For Female Health and Balance


Feminine Wholeness ~ Womb and Ancestral Empowerment Session


Health Upgrade ~ Shifting to Healthy Diet Session


Clarifying Your Life’s Purpose and Understanding Gifts!


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