Channeled by Bridget Nielsen

Through My Eyes by Wheels, To Mom (Far left Boy):

Wheels that stand the test of time,

Spoke of truth is yours and mine.

Just-is is our message to share,

For freedom is I you bear.

The shackles of illusion you uncuff,

And I reveal it is a bluff.

Together we are starlight born,

The reality oath of infinity sworn.

Wheels appeared to mea few nights before I drew him. He pushed is eye towards what I was seeing, like he was looking out from a fishbowl. I cold clearly see the “spokes” in his big blue eyes. He was really humorous, saying “Is anyone out there? Time for our drawing!”

picture of violet flowerViolet:

Smell the violet of your soul,

Then my seed is sure to grow.

It will throw you to and fro

Our reunion will be so(w).

She would like you to work with violets. Go pick them in the wild. They bloom within the next month or so (early Spring). And/or, focus on the violet flame… meditate on that color, that energy and even color with it.

Skittles (far right):

“Jump, Tumble and Roll. Jump, Tumble and Roll! When your world is upside-down, I’ll be there to help you!  – Skittles. She would really like you to do some kind of acrobatic activity to connect with her~ whether it is playing on the jungle gyms at a playground, acro-yoga, or anything that comes to your imagination. That will help your energies commune!