By Patrick Godin & Bridget Nielsen

From Patrick

Hi this is Raven a hybrid shift shifter ….. I dream about her a month ago. In my dream she was walking with me in a airport, somewhere not sure where, and we walk to a room.  The more I talked to her, the more I was awakening in my dream

I realized that she have a yellow eye and the other one was black. I asked her, “who are you?” She said, “right now I can’t tell you, I am here to make sure that you have everything you need,” and in a second a woke-up…..

After that I traveled to Sedona to visited the vortex and the Harmonious Earth Community of the Hybrid Children.

On the same trip, I drove to Utah to visited Canyon Lands National Park– Upheaval Dome power spot for a day.  The next day I visited Arches National Park, it was so beautiful.  On my walk I found a huge rock to sit and meditate on hit for about 30 minutes. After my meditation I walked back to the car to drive back to Sedona.  But just as I started the engine, a Raven flew right through the window and stopped on the driver side door.  I just jumped for a second and watch the bird look at me very serious, but lovely. I knew it was a female and we started a telepathic communication for a moment.

I ask her if it was okay to record her, to make sure my friend will see that I am not so crazy and she said ok. I showed the video to Bridget….Bridget connected to her right away and told me that this is the hybrid in from your dreams, and her name is Raven.  That night she drew me this picture, it is so beautiful…..

I will show the video right after this message. Hope you enjoy this!

Stay in your heart and the hybrid will connect with you all way


From Bridget

Raven… Wow. What a spirit and what a soul… She is exquisite, powerful, incessantly present and mystically magical. Since Patrick introduced me to her she has been an ever-present energy around me in Sedona. She is my hybrid sister, as described in the video.

At a recent ecstatic dance class, we were moving with the rhythms of various archetypes. The archetype of DEATH was chosen. When he read the card, everything was about THE RAVEN~ the guardian of death. How the raven bird picks at the skin and scavenges through the dying aspects of you…

I feel Raven’s strong connection with this energy.  She has been guiding and assisting in my recent releasing of old energy and beliefs. What is more appropriate in humanity’s transition than awoken by going through the gateway archetype of Death, guiding us and nipping away at our old shells of illusion?

Raven  is also a shapeshifter allowing in her essence, the aspect of rebirth and infinite reshaping of form.  She has a dominant cross-connecting incarnation as a Native American who lives in the Southwest. She is tapped into this live to retrieve information about humans, connection to the land and what it was like in that timing to be connected, from Earth, with the star beings. 

I’ve been getting the CLEAR message to get black tourmaline. For my mental mind, it was to help with electronic radiation, but as I’ve had it around me now, I realized that it is my totem for Raven. She and the stone cast away darkness and protects, by going straight into the fear head on. This stone was used throughout the ages for darkness… the stone that says “bring it on!” and that is Raven!! 

Itom received a message from Jack, his hybrid son, that the hybrid children have totems for us! A totem is an object that encompasses the essence of a person, that carries their vibrational frequency. We are now merging realities by dreaming with the hybrids. Raven is flying me into new realms, dark and glorious!