By: Bridget Nielsen

Oh the Reptilians!!! They’ve gotten such a bad rap… I do acknowledge that there are negative Reptilians… one of my close friends had a “scary” daylight run-in with a group of them in Peru. There are also SUPER positive and smart Reptilians. I, as well as many of my friends and family, have had many loving experiences with them.

A drawing of a Reptilian Alien

The Reptilians are a limbic offshoot of the Zeta Reticuli civilization and represent the primal level of their collective consciousness.  In detainment situations with the Zetas, the Reptilians reflect your energy, just like the Greys, so you can perceive them as terrifying or incredibly loving.

The Reptilians dig more deeply into our fears than other ETs or beings because they represent the primal aspects of ourselves… the sub and unconscious realms that we’ve hidden away or have yet to explore (remembering that those levels of consciousness are higher in frequency than our conscious mind). We have a relationship with these energies that stems back in ancient times with snakes, dragons and all types of slithering creatures. An important thing to remember is that the Reptilians you encounter are, a majority of the time~ YOU… your cross-connecting incarnational counterparts, just like the Greys.

I’d like to share and declare that I have at least one Reptilian hybrid child. 🙂 Yes I know… Reptilian hybrid children!??? I thought it strange at first too, but come on… far too many of us women vividly remember our erotic sexual encounters with the Reptilians on the ships. I’ve personally heard over a dozen of these encounter stories from close friends. What did we think was going to be a result of that? CHILDREN! I’ve learned so much about kindness, love and sexual energy from my male Reptilian counterpart~ I’m forever grateful (click here to read Miesha Johnston’s Reptilian partner & Reptilian child).

Drawing of a reptilian Alien child

Artwork by Ana Bagayan

In late 2011 when I first really began remembering all of my ET experiences, one of the first things to come up was a strong knowing that I had a Reptilian hybrid child. I didn’t trust myself at the time and I hadn’t heard anything like it at the time so I brushed it off and thought it was my imagination. I now know that my imagination and intuition are incredibly beautiful tools to key into relevant information and memories~ I fully trust myself now!  Anyway, I let that go and went on to have heart exploding connections with my other hybrid children which has been amazing!!!

Drawing of a Praying Mantis Alien BeingAlong my “spiritual awakening” path of integration and becoming more of my natural self, I’ve worked through many beliefs and programs. One of the huge topics that came up was physical attraction. My programmed beliefs around this subject (oh boy, everyone has them) came up in the context of romantic relationships. I’ve majorly redefined “what is attractive” to me over the years and find men attractive who are vibrationally aligned with me, who are aligned and living as their natural selves, and those who are on my train… a similar life path.

The attraction topic becomes quite relevant when talking about ETs… our personal work in redefining human looks is a piece of cake compared to a giant Mantis or a green Reptilian. If we’re still looking through filters of prejudice or Brad Pitt standards, how can we openly embrace our star brothers and sisters? The feeling and energy of a person or being has to become more attractive than physicality if we’re to embrace galactic beings with the same love they have for us!!! Not all aliens are going to look like hot PleiadiansBeautiful painting of a Pleiadian being

Quick rewind to 3 months ago in Sedona (mind tease) as I read Miesha Johnston‘s new post on her site about her Reptilian hybrid son… I lost it. I started bawling as I telempathically connected once again with my Reptilian hybrid son. He had SOOOOOO much love and patience. He’s the sweetest thing! I could see that years ago I wasn’t ready to embrace him to the degree I can now!! All that matters is the love and heart connection between us… and honestly he’s totally physically cute to me as well! He’s been playfully hassling me to draw his picture to spread the word about him and the other Reptilian children. Over the past few months I’ve synchronistically had several hybrid mothers tell me about visions with their Reptilian hybrids without me peeping a word! So beautiful!

I don’t know the details about the Reptilian hybrids. I don’t feel they’ll be in the first group of hybrid children to land or they’re even a part of the freelancer group at all… They may be part of a separate program altogether.  All I know at this moment is that I have a Reptilian hybrid son, I love him and he’s telling me now that I will physically meet him in my lifetime… sooner than later, he says!

I’m gathering all of the Reptilian hybrid parents to write and share about their children too!! More to come.

“Though minds may be different, though body forms may be different, it’s through the heart we recognize our spirits are one.” -Bashar

Sweet picture of a reptilian little hybrid child

Beautiful watercolor of a reptilian alien being