Message and hybrid child channeled by Bridget Nielsen 

“Dad, I want to swim with you and introduce you to my dolphin friends!! I know you know them, but I want to show you their world through my eyes. I’m SO grateful for my life and the frequency you gave me to exist in this way! It is because of you that I can be me!

I am a hybrid dolphin ambassador… well, I’m connected to all the cetaceans, but specifically the dolphins because I like to play… just like them! I can speak their language and pulse out a sonar-like energy radiating from my heart! My job is to teach humans how to have fun and jump and play and splash by being with me and my friends in the sea!  I sometimes use the dimensional light-gates in the ocean to communicate with other beings and realities, but that’s more of my sister’s thing. I connect to Sirius when a portal of communion appears, and share what’s bubbling up on Earth and different planets I explore.  I always feel you with me because you are me… and I am you.  We may not be connected through DNA, but I swim with you in a deeper way! Thank you for my Sirian abilities and frequencies to explore and adventure through seas of energies!!!” 

Here’s a deeper understanding of how parents can be a DNA or an energetic contributor to the hybrid children…There are two ways to be part of the creation of the hybrid children. The first is by the utilization of your physical genetic material to create a hybrid child. The second is for your genetic energetic makeup to be used for the essence/archetypal frequency of a hybrid child. In most cases individuals have agreed to participate in one way or the other. If someone’s energetic makeup is used in the creation of a hybrid child, that approach makes the child no less yours. With physical genetics, percentages vary from very low to very high. For instance, a child could have 1% from someone, 37% from someone else, etc. Robin Carpenter has three hybrid children with 85% of her DNA. That’s extremely high, making her children almost totally human. Seventeen of Sharon’s 23 kids have at least 57% of her DNA. The other six have lesser percentages but “wanted to count” as hers.

AA010638As you can see, many beings, both human and Grey, may be involved in each child’s heritage. The children who arrive on Earth first will have a high percentage of human genetics, making it easier for them to acclimatize and assimilate, and making it easier for humanity to accept them into Earth society. With the energetic contribution, certain elements and arrangements of the energetic makeup are copied that help facilitate the archetypal cross-connection energy representative of the ability to tune in and be an antenna to draw upon those types of energy connections. The mechanism is a reflection, a “copying” of the vibrational state and frequency of your genetic energy structure as a reference point of what you’re doing, playing out the theme you chose when you incarnated. The genetic material is used as a referral template in order to arrange preferred genetic codes in certain hybrid children. There is other genetic material used in the creation of the hybrid children from other species such as Sirians, Pleiadians and other star systems. This is not necessarily captured from those species directly, but by utilizing the DNA we already have from them within us.