These two hybrids are “twin flames.”  How they experience that common spiritual expression is by exploring life together as best friends! They are counterpart energies and assist each other in being more of themselves. The boy SPARKS inspiration and ideas, and FLAME ignites the energy and action to go forth on adventures into the new unknown.  They’re very connected to the element of fire — purifying with hot high vibration, whomever and whatever they come in contact with.

They utilize the mythical essence of the Phoenix in their incarnational theme. From the ashes… the darkness, coming to Earth during the death of this illusionary cycle, they resurrect the light~ flight ~ alchemy as they meet humanity when they land here.  They begin each excitement “in the dark,” so to speak, not knowing what will happen next in life and then they bring that reality to light… they make it visible.  And just like the Phoenix, when they’ve experienced a certain reality enough… that reality will begin to burn (fade away), and there will be a rebirth into another perspective of existence.


The kids show themselves in this whimsical fairytale scene to show you their essence which is magical. When they come to Earth they will use their essence, their gifts in interacting and living with us! Their mom, upon connecting with them, was flabbergasted by the amazing synchronicity that she named the European company she started last year “Phoenix,” unbeknownst to Bridget.  The kids are around and assisting long before we even realize it’s them. 🙂