Channeled By: Bridget Nielsen

Mom, I am so happy to connect with you. I can assist you to communicate with whoever you wish!! I am your telephone, conduit, operator and guide to the galaxy and other dimensions. Whatever direction you want to explore, I can act as your interpreter and introduce you to many types of beings.

Picture of old man guiding girl across magical bridge

Communication and connection is my specialty.  I am aligned and assigned to the frequency and location at and around Glastonbury, England (the Throat Chakra of the planet).  I am not yet physical there. I am creating with this place on a Shalinaya ship above.  That is why I showed myself to you on the green hill in your “dream.” It was a clue to who I am. 🙂spaceship flying through colorful timelessness

My passion is communication through vision and picture (using clairvoyance). My passion and gift is facial recognition. I can recognize and recall DNA and ancestral origins of many types of beings! I can trace “back” through time-space, seeing the history and lineage of a person or being just reading their face.  A face is like a book to me, a soul story kept in lines and features.

darling miniature elf houseI am most closely connected to the beings that come in and out of the dimensional gate of Glastonbury, and the surrounding UK.  I am like a greeter for the gate, a social coordinator. This gate is naturally the domain of elves, faeries, nature spirits and many other beings. I am also deeply bonded with the ancestors of the region, communing with the Druid and Avalonian spirits of the “past” that I am/was once a part of. I also assist in the process of the crop circle-making as relates to the “past” symbols and frequencies of the land. It is my play!  I am apprentice to other “dimensional coordinators,” learning and experiencing the ins and outs of realities. 🙂


Stand on the mountain high,

Feel the spirit that makes you cry.

You will see me in your third eye,

For our soul communion is an infinite tie.


He would like you to keep a dream journal to connect with him. He said that when you’re in dream state you’re most connected to him and remember that you’re able to access your “dimensional coordinator” abilities. 🙂 He will give you his name in an upcoming dream…