WHAT: Hello Everyone! It’s the full moon, gateway opening of the Ides of March (March 12-18th) AND Spring Equinox time! Lots of shifting, thin veils and connecting! 🙂

WHO: The first 30 minutes of the hangout we will catch up with each other and share what everyone’s been experiencing lately~ guided by Sharon McCormick & Bridget Nielsen LIVE from Sedona. The last 30 minutes (or so) Patrick will lead us in guided visualization to connect with Earth, the Sedona Vortex and our hybrid children!

Hybrid parent Patrick Godin had the inspiration, and a nice push from the kids, to gather the hybrid parents for a guided meditation! It’s going to be a fun Spring-time reunion! Spread the word 🙂

WHERE: Online via Google Hangout. Here’s the link to the event!https://plus.google.com/events/c8la52ff9ea6ufota510c7bk95s?hl=en&partnerid=gplp0

HOW MUCH: $1 Donation (or more)~ please donate through the hybrid community website: http://hybridchildrencommunity.com/ All proceeds go towards the website server and upkeep 🙂

SEDONA PEEPS: A big group of us will be at the Sedona Headquarters House for the event~ we will go for a sunset walk on the red rocks, gather for a potluck dinner and have a sacred bonfire welcoming the LIGHT of Spring (Pagan Ritual). YAY It’ll be fun!